Sustainability strategy

Our commitment to using our resources responsibly

Geggus Photovoltaikanlage

GEGGUS GmbH has been implementing extensive measures to ensure the economic and ecological use of resources in its production and management for many years. 

These measures are subject to a constant process of verification and optimisation with the aim of further improving the company’s ecological footprint.

Photovoltaic system on the roof

The system on the roofs of the production halls has been in operation since November 2013. A total of 396 modules and three power inverters are installed, exhibiting a high degree of availability and efficiency.

Rated power


Energy production


CO₂ saving


Solar power

We use around 50% of the generated solar power ourselves, thus covering around 35% of our total energy demand.

Energy-saving measures

At the end of production and during breaks, all systems that are not necessary to maintain operations are shut down and their power supply is switched off. In this way, we avoid using unnecessary energy and protect the environment.

Circular economy

All consumption materials and raw materials are processed as carefully as possible and are recycled in the circular economy using state-of-the-art technology. To ensure responsible use of our resources, we work together here with corresponding suppliers and licensed disposal companies.

Resource-saving production

When processing our aluminium profiles, we rely almost entirely on dry machining technology and largely do without the use of cooling lubricants. Where necessary we use minimum quantity lubrication. As a result, our production processes create no waste products harmful to the environment.

Climate-neutral dispatch

The dispatch of our products by our partner GLS is 100% climate-neutral thanks to efficient reforestation. GLS also relies 100% on green electricity and its own, sustainable power generation. It invests in the expansion of emission-free technologies in order to avoid CO₂ emissions in the long term.

Climate-neutral printing

The current catalogue was printed climate-neutrally. Around 14.4 tonnes of CO₂ were compensated in this way. GEGGUS balanced out the CO₂ emissions from printing the catalogue by providing voluntary support for the specified climate protection project. The compensated project is thus rated as climate-neutral because the impact on the climate remains neutral.

Changeover to electric vehicles

GEGGUS GmbH has two fully electric vehicles and two hybrid vehicles in its vehicle fleet. In total, GEGGUS has three charging points. Guests driving electric cars can also be accommodated and recharge their vehicles during their visit.







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