A good care is worthwhile.

They should be cleaned in regular intervals to prolong the life time of the Top Clean entrance mats.

The dirt falls between the individual aluprofiles and collects in mat bed.

  • Cleaning interval: The cleaning intervals vary according to the intensity of the dirt.

    • a) Easy dirt: Siphon with a high suction power of the surface of the entrance mat and / or / roll up of the mat to absorb the collected dirt in mat bed.
    • b) Middle dirt: After siphoning the mat surface: Rolling mat out of the frame and cleaning the dirt of the mat bed with a brush
    • c) Strong dirt: After the steps of a) and b) treat the entrance mat with a high pressure cleaner in addition. The mat should be high-ranking, so that after an adequate drying time (recommended overnight) the mat is fully able to work again. Cleaning is possible also with a customary floor cleaning machine.

  • Exchange of the ribbed carpet strips: Cigarette ends, chewing gum and also oilstains are the enemy of the entrance mats. Therefore we have developed a system to exchange soiled or damaged ribbed carpet strips. The sub-construction remains, the ribbed carpet strips are provided with an adhesive tape on the back and exchanged themselves. Price on inquiry.
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